Friday, September 25, 2015


Boehner and Francis

There were two startling news items recently, one of them this week.  One, John Boehner has resigned his position as Speaker and additionally his seat in the House, effective at the end of October.  Two, Pope Francis has given priests permission to forgive women who have abortions.

In both cases, the person involved (Speaker or Pope) recognized the need to accept reality.  Boehner no longer controls the Republican party.  The Pope recognizes that the Church must serve and comfort the people, not please God.  God has everything He or She wants.  The people need help, comfort, advice, love, help.  They have very little.  For hundreds of years Popes have been telling the people to worship God and don't do things that displease Him or Her.  Now Francis is saying that the clergy are the servants of the people, not of God.

Between now and the end of October, Boehner can get business done with the votes of Democrats and those Republicans who despise the Tea Party faction.  There will be no government shut-down.  Planned Parenthood won't be shut down.  There won't be any more votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  The Republican Party is split between the crazies and the moderates.  Boehner has fallen on his sword but those Republicans who didn't want to follow the lead of the Tea Party are relieved.  A new coalition can be put together that eliminates the Tea Party faction.  There may be a new alignment in Congress that will make Mr. Obama's last two years in office less hectic and more pleasant.

I salute John Boehner and Pope Francis for daring to leave behind unworkable policies.
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