Friday, November 01, 2013


More Blowback

In today's e-mail I received a short report from NEWSMAX, which quotes a service called LIGNET.  The report is about the coming collapse of the government of Libya and its replacement by "Islamic militants."  According to the report, "Two years after Libya's civil war the country is becoming a war zone for diplomats. Five foreign embassies or consulates have been attacked by militants this year, some with casualties. Foreign governments are responding by evacuating citizens from the increasingly lawless nation, creating a brain drain of foreign technical expertise that weakens Libya’s fragile government and raises the risk of Libya becoming a failed state."  

This event, if it occurs, will be another example of blowback, the response to operations carried out years ago by American operatives.  These operations were not publicized at the time.  In fact, they've been kept secret from the American public.  As a consequence, when one of these blowback events occurs, the public is mystified and doesn't understand why the people in the country involved give such strong support to a group that is specifically anti-American.  Our government, our free press, and especially Fox News tell us that we are a wonderful country and that Americans are loved everywhere.  The blowback event contradicts this image we have been given about ourselves and we wonder why.  As usual, with imperfect information, we often reach wrong conclusions.

For example, we are informed that "Islamists" are about to take over Libya.  That is, Muslim Militants intend to impose ancient Sharia rules on the population.  The religion of Islam must teach its members to hate us.  "They hate our freedom," according to a recent former President.

Do any of you who read this blog know any Persians or Arabs?  I have a Persian next-door neighbor.  I know several Persians who have come to this country to escape the oppression of the Islamic Republic.  Do these  people, nearly all Muslim, hate us?  Of course not; otherwise, they wouldn't be here.

There's not much we can do about covert operations or commercial intrusions in foreign countries that later lead to blowback.  What we should do is to become better informed about these operations and intrusions.  A good survey of commercial intrusions is provided in a book entitled "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins.  You can buy it from Amazon or read it in your local public library.  In the book Mr. Perkins describes an enormous swindle in which the US government, large construction firms (e.g., Halliburton) and the World Bank all cooperate to swindle the government of a small "third world" country.  The proceeds of the swindle are divided between corrupt government officials in the small country and the American construction company.  In the end, the country owes an enormous debt to the World Bank, which has the duty of trying to squeeze the country dry economically.  Can you imagine the residents of that small country loving the United States after such treatment?

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