Saturday, July 12, 2014


Boehner's Gift

Every day my email is filled with messages from Democratic candidates begging for money.  Not local candidates; I live in a "safe" district and my representatives to the State legislature and to the federal congress feel secure enough in their jobs that they do not send me begging letters every day.

These days the letters I get usually start out with either "The Tea Party is . . ." or "John Boehner is suing the President . . ."  The Tea Party has been a good fund-raiser for Democrats for several years.  Lately the Speaker, John Boehner from Ohio, has created another one.  He is going to sue President Obama for . . . what?  Being President and using his legal authority to issue executive orders to accomplish things that Congress won't act on.  It's hilarious.  I want to see the case go to trial, although I doubt that any judge with any judgment at all would touch it.  Even so, letters go out; Mr. Boehner is going to sue the President, show your support for the President by sending money.

Obama and the Democrats are collecting a mint of money from this threatened lawsuit.  It makes me think that Obama and Boehner dreamed up the scheme while playing golf together.  I am puzzled.  Obama and the Democrats get the money, but what does Boehner get?
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