Monday, October 14, 2013


Boehner is no Patriot

It is becoming increasingly apparent that one man, and only one man, has the power to end this nonsense about shutting down the federal government.  That man is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner.  All he has to do is to call for a vote on a continuing resolution passed by the Senate and waiting for action by the House.  He can put an end to the uncertainty, the worry, the growing anger in the country, by submitting this one piece of legislation for a vote by the whole House.  It would be a deed to restore confidence in the government, relieve the suffering of federal employees laid off with no pay, alleviate the worry of investors all over the world, and one that would be cheered by a great majority of the American people.

He would be vilified by a majority of Republican members of the House and cheered by everyone else.  He would show that he is willing to risk his political career in the interest of the nation.  He has the power under the Constitution.  Why doesn't he do it?

He's a coward.  He's afraid of the majority of Republicans, who have drunk the Tea Party Kool-Aid.  He hopes that somehow someone else will do something to save our Nation from his folly.  He will be recorded in history books as the worst Speaker in our history.
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