Sunday, June 30, 2013


Keeping after the goal of voting rights for all

After writing my previous post about the question of voting rights, my first idea was to promote an end to the gerrymandering that has given the conservative and reactionary and utterly unrealistic GOP a lock on the House of Representatives, as well as on many state legislatures.  In fact, nothing tangible can be done about that problem until the next census in 2020.  Meanwhile there is something that could be done.  It would be difficult but practicable.  It doesn't depend on waiting for another census.  It does require cooperation with Congress.

My idea is very simple: enlarge the Supreme Court.  The Court has not always had nine members.  The size of the Court is not specified in the Constitution.  What Obama needs to do is to enlarge the court to eleven members and appoint two new members.  We would then have a Court with a 6 to 5 majority of liberals.  Then Congress could pass laws similar in intent to the laws the present Court has thrown out and the new liberal majority would uphold them.

OK, so I''m dreaming.  I'm still in pretty good shape for all my ninety years.  I want to live to see some of the damage done by the Roberts Court repaired and corrected.  Pray for me.
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