Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Fiscal Cliff III

Congress and the President reached a compromise that doesn't increase MY  taxes.  Spending cuts, etc., are to be postponed until the new Congress takes office on January 5.  (Or is it January 4?)  Am I happy?  Yes, for a while.  There's another cliff (aka fight) coming: extension of the debt limit.  Regarding the debt limit, I've wondered why the President couldn't change it unilaterally.  He could simply issue an executive order to enlarge the debt limit for, say, one year or until Congress approves the enlargement.  I'm sure he could get away with it for a year.  On balance, it's probably not a good idea.

It's going to take at least one more election to get rid of the dysfunction in our federal government.  The "small government" faction still has a majority in the House.  This faction will continue to try every tactic, every strategy, every dirty little trick to force the federal government to start dismembering the "entitlement programs" also known as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  This same faction will also try to paralyze the agencies charged with regulating industries with regard to worker safety, environmental pollution, etc.

Finally, some fatherly advice for my fellow lefties:  Recognize that Barack is the President of all the people, not just of us.  He recognizes, and we should recognize too, the limits of the power of the Presidency.  His greatest source of influence is the "bully pulpit."  By making statements in timely manner he can influence public opinion.  Change can come about only with the support of public opinion.
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