Friday, November 30, 2012


The Fiscal Cliff will get you if you . . .

. . . believe the narrative spun by most of the pundits and the main stream media (MSM).  It makes me very angry to see some rich man or woman intoning the words that we must reign in entitlement spending to avoid the ultimate disaster.  While our President bravely urges us to accept shared sacrifice, this wealthy blowhard is telling us that the sacrifice must be borne by those individuals living on "bloated" pensions and social security.  He's won't even think about any sacrifice he might make, such as paying a higher rate of income tax.  For the past fifty years the rich have been getting richer while the rest of us are barely holding our own.  Now the sacrifice must be made by the great majority - those of us who are relatively no better off today than we were many years ago - and that the small minority who are immensely better off shouldn't have to bear any of the pain or expense or even inconvenience.

Like the boogie man, the fiscal cliff is a story meant to scare us into behaving the way our masters wish.

This is not a well-organized post.  I'm too angry to be well organized.
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