Saturday, October 20, 2012


Does my life have a purpose?

My wife of 57 years passed away almost five years ago in November.  I have continued to live in our house.  To avoid falling into depression I have deliberately sought out other activities to occupy my time and such talents as I have.  These new activities include membership in a service organization, becoming a member of a Neighborhood Council, and attending services at a church.  These are new things for me.  When my wife was alive I was active in a Democratic political club.  Before retiring in 1989 I worked at an interesting job.  After retiring my wife and I took numerous trips, both within and without the United States.  Altogether, during all our married days, we visited Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Egypt, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Ireland, and others.

Not long ago my neighbor suggested to me that I need a wife.  He said he would introduce me to some eligible women.  I thanked him for his kind offer, but so far I have not taken advantage of it.  After more than 57 years with the love of my life I don't think I am capable of giving another woman the love I had for my wife.  Besides, I am old and a sense useless.  I don't think a new wife would be happy with me.

I muse from time to time about my life.  Why did fate (or God) let me have 57 years of married life and then end it?  Why didn't I join my wife in eternal rest soon after she left this life?  Does my continued good health and ability to walk for an hour or more three times a week have any meaning?  Is there any meaning to my continued mental alertness and memory?  I seem to be good for at least another ten years.  I may see some of my great-grandchildren.

I've decided one thing.  I have an obligation to be happy.  I also have an obligation to make other people happy.  I can't make them happy unless I am happy.  My children are financially secure, so I have no serious financial obligation to anyone.  I have enough income to enable me to live in comfort.  I can't think of any other obligation that I might have.

Here's to happiness!
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