Saturday, August 04, 2012


Republican intransigence may be counterproductive

It appears that Mr. Obama, being a more skillful politician and campaigner than Mr. Romney, has managed to make Mr. Romney's business experience an important issue in the election campaign.  Rather than mouth sound bites about how Mr. Obama has ruined the economy and prevented a recovery, etc., etc., etc., Mr. Romney has to play defense: defend his business record or change the subject, if possible, to his experience as Governor of Massachusetts.

Some of my friends have noticed that Mr. Romney has never disclosed his plan for curing the economic problems we experience.  Does he even have a plan worth disclosing?  I am reminded of the election campaign of 1976.  Mr. Nixon, running for reelection, announced that he had a "secret plan" for ending the war in Viet Nam.  He never told us what the plan was.  Of course not; it was a secret.  After he was safely in office for another four years, it became apparent what his secret plan was: declare victory and leave.  Perhaps Mr. Romney has another similar plan for the recession: declare good times and lower taxes.

The Republicans charge that Mr. Obama hasn't done anything effective to get us out of the recession.  I agree that nothing very effective has been done.  Most people who pay any attention to politics realized that the reason is that the Republican-dominated House has refused even to consider any of the administration's proposals.  If there is blame for inaction, it belongs as much to the House Republicans as to anyone.  Some of my friends who might otherwise vote for Romney concede that President Romney would do just about the same as President Obama.  The constraint of an ultra-conservative Republican Party would hamper either man.  The Republican strategy of absolute refusal to cooperate or collaborate with the Obama administration is turning out to be counterproductive.  It is difficult for Mr. Romney to paint Obama as a do-nothing President in the face of such obstruction.
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