Saturday, July 28, 2012


Some Conservative Victories

Conservatives can whine all they like about how the "liberal" press, "liberal" college professors, etc., are all biased against them.  The fact remains that they have achieved some important victories by implanting in the minds of most voters some phrases that support Conservative policies.  Here are some that I have seen over the course of my 89 years:

These are ideas that Conservatives want everyone to believe.  Voters with these ideas will vote for term limits for legislators, 2/3 vote requirements for raising taxes (i.e., not ever raising them), privatization of Social Security, elimination of welfare, reducing or eliminating unemployment insurance payments, against universal health care, etc.  These are widely held ideas, although fortunately a majority of the voters don't accept all of them - at least not yet.  We liberals have our work cut out for us.  We must convince voters that these ideas are not cast in stone and that public policy shouldn't be based on them.  We have to take on each idea in turn and present convincing and honest arguments against it.  In subsequent posts I will endeavor to express arguments against each of these Conservative ideas.  I hope you find them convincing.


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