Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Three Cheers for Jerry!

Governor Brown has laid it on the line for the Legislature and for the people of California.  Without more revenue there will have to be big cuts in important services, such as education.  According to this morning's paper, twelve billion dollars in cuts are needed unless the public votes to increase certain taxes.  To the people, if you want to keep the system of public education in a good state, it will take more money than we now have.  To those concerned that increased taxes will drive business out of the State, a bad education system will drive away more businesses than higher taxes.

A 2/3 vote is necessary to put the tax increase initiative on the ballot.  Brown has put it to the Republicans: If none of you vote to allow the public to vote on the increased taxes, then you propose a budget that fits the available income.  You propose which services are to be cut or eliminated so that the people of the State can see where you stand.

If the 2/3 vote is not available, we will have to collect signatures to place a public initiative on the ballot.  We have work to do.

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