Saturday, January 08, 2011


What will Brown do?

A good friend asked me today about the future.  Specifically, what predictions can I make for how Governor Brown is going to deal with the California budget deficit.  At the time I said I don't know.  Thinking over the question, I think I have some clues.
I expect to see some initiatives to increase certain taxes.  I expect counties and cities to have to find additional ways of raising money.  I expect to see some willingness by the public to accept some changes in the property tax system; i.e., some modifications of Proposition 13.  Perhaps business property will be taxed at a rate more in keeping with the ad valorem value than it is now.  There will be much yelling and screaming and kicking by those business property owners who have enjoyed for thirty years the advantage of not having their taxes increased to keep pace with inflation.  It will be an exciting time.  I look forward to enjoying the fighting.  I hope my health remains good for at least four more years.

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