Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Fish in a Barrel

What I say below is not new and I've said it all before several times.  It is one of my most common criticisms of the Republican Party.  I call this post "Fish in a Barrel" because the criticism is so obvious expressing it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

The Republican Party is the party of the rich and affluent, and also of those who intend to become rich and affluent.  It is the party of people who hate to pay taxes and who welcome any attempt to reduce their taxes.  Never mind that important services are unfunded or that others have to pay in some form to make up for the taxes that the affluent greedy do not pay.  They like a party and politicians who, when in office, allow them to keep more of their mone.

As a result, the Republican Party always has a reason or an excuse to vote for tax reduction and against any tax increase.  If times are good, the government doesn't need the money.  The requirements for services, the needs of the unemployed, and all the other reasons for government to spend money are reduced and therefore taxes can and should be reduced as well.  If times are bad and even though the need for more services and more relief for the unemployed are increased, the argument goes that "a recession is not a time for increasing taxes."  In other words, whatever the problem is, a tax reduction is the answer.

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