Friday, September 10, 2010


The Reverend backs down but saves face

Someone finally got to Terry Jones, the Pentecostal minister in Florida who organized a Qur'an burning for Saturday, September 11. Perhaps it was Bob Gates, our esteemed Secretary of Defence. Perhaps it was his daughter. Someone told him how to climb back off the limb he was on and save face in doing so. Saving face is very important. He stated that the organizers of the plan to build the Islamic Cultural Center near ground zero in New York had agreed to find another location for the center in exchange for him giving up his plan to burn copies of the Qur'an. That claim will go well with his congregation. They have accomplished something big and important to many Americans who were offended - no, angry - at the thought of building anything dedicated to the glory of Islam near the place where a few fanatical Muslims murdered more that 2000 people nine years ago tomorrow.

Of course the backers of the Islamic Cultural Center have denied having any such agreement with the Rev. Terry Jones. By the time the truth of the matter has been sorted out, if it ever is, it will be long after September 11 and no one will be interested any more.


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