Thursday, July 01, 2010


Subsidizing Poverty

A Republican Senator explained his support of a filibuster against the appropriation of additional money for unemployment insurance payments as opposing the subsidizing of joblessness. His theory is that if the unemployment benefits are ended, the unemployed will simply find some work - any work, regardless of the pay or the quality of the job - and become employed again. To continue paying an unemployed person as long as he or she is unemployed - or as long as he or she chooses to remain unemployed - simply prolongs the process.

What chtzpah! I am speechless, if not wordless, with anger and astonishment at such reasoning.

I know many Republicans. Some of my close relatives are Republicans. Their values are like mine: take care of my unfortunate neighbors; do not shun a person who is out of work and out of luck; treat all persons the same. I can go on with this list. These are values that many Christians have. I go so far as to assert that the Senator lacks one or more of the Christian values that most of us Americans cherish. The Senator is not a good Christian, not even a good Republican, and not a very good American.


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