Saturday, March 06, 2010


The Election

I didn't win. I received 10 votes. My opponent received 19. He will be the member. I will be his alternate. I will still be able to serve on committees of the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council. I am disappointed, but from the beginning of this adventure I had to tell myself that the odds of winning were certainly no better than 50 percent. As it turned out, my opponent simply knew more people who lived in the area than I did.

There were some positions on the council that were not filled by the election because no one filed for them. Some of the losers may be appointed to fill these vacancies. I don't expect an appointment. I expect that the losers with the most votes will be appointed. I think that's the fair way to fill vacancies.

You have to understand the voting scheme in Woodland Hills. Woodland Hills is divided into seven areas. There is a "resident" and a "business representative" and a "community organization" representative elected in each area by residents and other stakeholders of the area. In addition one person is elected "at large" from all of Woodland Hills. If every position in my area had been filed for, I would have been able to vote for four candidates: the resident, the business person, the community organization person, and the at large person. There were more spirited contests in some other areas. Whereas in my area my opponent and I received a total of only 29 votes cast in at least one area there were a total of nearly 100 votes cast. Many of the losers received more votes than even the winner in my contest. I expect that they will be offered appointments to the two-year term of the Council.

So far it's been fun. I look forward to meetings of the committees on which I will serve. I will also have to attend meetings of the full Council, to take my opponent's place in case he is not present.


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