Monday, March 01, 2010


Election Tomorrow

Monday, March 1, 2010: Tomorrow is the day that decides whether I will be a member of the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council or the Alternate to the elected member. Two people filed for the position I aspire to. One of us will achieve a respectable second place. The other will be next to last.

My opponent's name is Steve Santen. I've met him and I've heard him give a short campaign speech. He is a good man and will be a good member of the council if he's elected. Of course, I will also be a good member if I'm elected. I'm glad I didn't have to debate him. I can't think of a single thing to say to people to convince them to vote for me rather than him.

Most of the candidates in their speeches and in their campaign statements mention certain specific problems that they will work on if elected. If they are interested in working on these problems they can join one of the committees of the Council. One doesn't have to be a Council Member to serve on a committee. I am already a member of two committees and I will retain my membership regardless of the result of the election. The only specific issue that affects me directly is the rotten condition of the sidewalks in this part of Los Angeles. At the time the housing tracts were built the City or developers (I don't know which) planted fast-growing trees next to the new sidewalks. In time the roots of these trees lifted blocks of the sidewalks to produce the walking hazard that now exists.

I walk with two other old farts three mornings a week. We cover a loop of a bit more than two miles. In the middle of the loop there is a McDonalds Restaurant, where we stop for coffee, apple tarts, and conversation with other old farts. We walk on the streets rather than the sidewalks. The streets are safer. I have stumbled and fallen several times on uneven sidewalks. The worst thing that has happened to me is a badly skinned knee and torn pants. (I really hate to tear a pair of pants that costs $45 to replace.) If I become a member of the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council I will agitate for the City (or someone) to improve our wretched sidewalks.

There are some particularly bad stretches of sidewalk near my home. In a future blog I will include some photos of just of just how bad the sidewalks are.

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Good luck Albert, I had the good fortune of hearing you briefly speak at a neighborhood council meeting a few weeks ago. I hope you win!
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