Saturday, November 14, 2009



1. Sarah Palin

Why is everyone making such a fuss over Sarah Palin? I guess the men do it because she is pretty and attractive and sexy. I don't understand the women, but then I never did understand them. Conservatives are praising her as the next messiah. Liberals are damning her as unlearned and naive and rather stupid. She's just a cute piece of snatch and isn't worth all the fuss.

2. Joe Lieberman

I rather wish he were my senator. I could then write every day a letter to him, telling him what a big fraud he is and how he has turned on the people who once believed in him. That's right. Me. I once had a good opinion of Mr. Lieberman. I thought he handled himself very well in the vice presidential debate with Dick Cheney in 2000. Of course, that's not saying much. Cheney is almost as dumb as Sarah Palin. I must concede that both Dick and Sarah have problem children and they both show them, in public at least, admirable parental care and love.

More later.
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