Thursday, September 24, 2009


Missile Defense Facilities in Poland, Czech Republic

President Obama has decided, wisely in my opinion, to stop the process of installing these defensive structures. Several arguments for and against this decision have been advanced in the news media. My friend Wally expressed an argument the other day during our morning walk. He pointed out that these facilities when completed would be provided with the missiles and radar sets and lots of secret stuff that we have developed to try to track ICBM's after launch in order to aim other missiles at them to shoot them down. The Poles and the Czechs (and the Slovaks and the Hungarians, etc.) fear the Russians. The Russians have occupied eastern Poland in past centuries and have sent armies into Prague and Budapest to restore order and to depose anti-Russian leaders within the memory of living persons.

They may decide to occupy Poland and the Czech Republic again. If they do, the United States will not be able to stop them. Only a major war would do that, and the American people have no stomach for another war after Iraq and Afghanistan. If they do, these defensive installations with their secrets will be prime targets for the Russian invaders. In fact, the Russians may decide to occupy Poland and Czech Republic just to acquire the secrets.

Obama has simply removed an incentive for the Russians to reoccupy Poland and the Czech Republic.


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