Monday, April 27, 2009



Two news items appeared today in the newspaper. One item tells about the reduction in health care to be provided for undocumented immigrants. The other tells about the threat of an epidemic of swine flu. Mexico City is virtually shut down to prevent the disease there from spreading. There have been cases already reported here in California as well as in Texas and Kansas.

One very likely means of spreading the disease is immigration from Mexico, particularly uncontrolled (or illegal) immigration. Yet we are going to cut back or cut out completely any health care for the immigrants. They can bring the disease here and we will do nothings to protect ourselves! Sounds like a great policy.

The only sense I can make of is that the denial of health services to illegal immigrants is a form of revenge. Those dark-skinned bastards have invaded our country and we are going to punish them. We can't stop them from coming and we can't find them to deport them after they're here, but by golly we're going to get even with them somehow. We'll let them get sick and we won't do anything for them. We will ignore the danger that they will infect us, and that what goes around comes around.

Speaking of revenge, I can think of no better explanation of our harsh treatment of prisoners in our "war" against terror. Those rag-head bastards have killed 3,000 of us and by gosh and by golly we're going to get even. Any that we catch will be treated as harshly as possible. We will think up new ways to make them suffer. If pressed, we can claim that we obtained valuable information from them after they were made to suffer enough.

My rant for the day.


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