Sunday, February 08, 2009


Peace Prospects Dimming for Israel

Israel seems ready to elect a government somewhat or very much more conservative than the present one. This new Israeli government will make it virtually impossible for the Obama Administration to make any progress on negotiations for peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The new government will be even less willing to trust the Palestinians than the present one. The new government will be more open about its real long-term objective: ridding the Biblical land of Israel of all non-Jews so that the Kingdom of King Solomon can be restored in all its glory. Less flamboyantly, the objective is to control and sanitize or cleanse enough territory to make room for any Jew anywhere in the world to return to the biblical home of the Jewish people.

What advice can one give to Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton? I think the best advice is to turn Israel loose. Stop the American subsidy. Israel doesn't need our protection any more; it has the strongest military force in the area and has shown already that no combination of Arab armies can defeat it. Let Israel and its neighbors duke it out. After war there can be peace. Let us stand back and refrain from taking sides.

By electing a conservative government, the Israeli people are showing that they are spoiling for a fight and are not interested in any compromises at present.


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