Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Obama's Press Conference

I listened to Mr. Obama's press conference this morning (Wednesday, January 7). A reporter asked him what he planned to do about "entitlements." The context was a previous comment about the large deficit that the stimulus package would entail and what he would do to get future deficits under control. Mr. Obama responded that many things would have to be done to correct the problem of revenues not covering expenses. Inefficiency and waste would have to be reduced as much as possible. Adjustments in the tax code would be necessary. And, of course, there would have to be some changes in entitlements and the way they are funded.

It sounded like a reasonable and cautious way to answer a question, and one that would not alarm or excite anyone.

Later in the day I heard in the news on National Public Radio a reporter state that Mr. Obama would make entitlement reform a major part of his program to correct the continuing and increasing deficit. The reporter did not mention any of the other things that Mr. Obama said would have to be done.

Later, in the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, the reporter made the same statement about how Mr. Obama would go about getting the deficit under control.

This strikes me as an example of biased reporting. It galls me to realize that the news reports came from so-called "liberal" sources.


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