Sunday, July 13, 2008


Some Good News for John McCain

The good news is that the Green Party has chosen Cynthia McKinney to be its Presidential candidate. Ms McKinney has been a Democratic congressperson from Georgia. The Georgia legislature tried to gerrymander her out of office in the rearrangement of districts after the 2000 census. She won in the new district. Later she was involved in a scuffle with the Capitol Police. She expects to gather more votes for the Green Party this year than Ralph Nader has been able to. These are votes that otherwise would go to Barack Obama, the Democrat. Good news for McCain.

Other news is that Richard Viguerie is trying very hard to convince hard-core conservatives that the Republican Party has lost its way and John McCain is no conservative. On balance, I'm not sure whether that is good news or bad news for the McCain campaign. If Viguerie can convince the public that McCain is not a true Republican, those independent voters who have soured on Republicans will tend to vote for McCain. On the other hand, Viguerie may convince several million hard-core conservatives to opt out of the 2008 election, and that would sink McCain's chances of election.

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