Friday, February 29, 2008


I am a Grouch

I've decided I don't like any of the leading contenders for the Presidency of this nation. I don't like McCain because he will appoint more federal judges like Alito, Scalia, and Thomas. We have too many conservative "federalist" judges now. I don't like Clinton or Obama because they won't be advocates for a universal health care plan that gets rid of the profit motive in deciding which medical procedures to pay for and which ones to deny. I also don't like them because recent polls indicate that neither of them can beat Senator McCain.

The only hope I see is that the Democrats will prevail in several Senatorial contests this coming November and get rid of several Republican obstacles to progress. Perhaps the country can tolerate President McCain if he has a Senate with fewer than 40 Republican supporters of his war and his judges. The Democrats may pick up a few House seats. However it's unlikely that they will pick up many because House districts have been gerrymandered to protect incumbents.

Another bit of cheerful news (I grasp at straws for this one) is that our Republican Governor here in California is now willing to talk about doing away with some tax loopholes to increase the State's revenue. I guess getting rid of a loophole doesn't count as increasing taxes, a phrase that Republicans choke on. Closing some loopholes, according to our governator, will raise an additional two billion dollars or so. The additional money can be used to reduce the proposed cut in the State's budget for schools.

Every little bit helps. I'm still a grouch this morning.

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