Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Petitions I have not signed

Over the years I have received many requests by mail to sign a petition in favor of one thing or another. There is an organization devoted to "saving social security" that sends me a petition occasionally. I get petitions to save snow leopards, polar bears, wolves, and other forms of wild life. Just today I received a petition from AARP in favor of "Strengthening the Four Pillare of Retirement for America's Seniors." In case you're wondering, here are the four pillars of retirement:
  1. Social Security
  2. Affordable Health Care
  3. Pensions / Retirement Savings
  4. Supplemental Earnings

A petition to strengthen these pillars has to be addressed to the federal government, particularly the administration of George Bush. Mr. Bush has expressed himself as opposed to government-sponsored social security (it should be private, supported by savings accounts), to government-sponsored health care (except Medical and a shrunk SCHIP program), and to spending government money on anything that might smack of creeping socialism. It is clear to me that, until Mr. Bush leaves office and is replaced with a President with more compassion for the people in need, petitions are a waste of time and good paper. The AARP perhaps should devote its considerable clout to advocating impeachment of the Bush-Cheney team.

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