Thursday, October 04, 2007


About Rush Limbaugh

Again, for the umpteenth time, Rush Limbaugh has shown the world what a stupid idiot he is. He's got all the Democrats that I know or know of excited about his recent tasteless remarks about fake soldiers. Everyone in the Democratic Party, from Harry Reid down to my friends in my Democratic Club are writing and agitating to have Mr. Limbaugh punished. The punishment proposed is to take him off the radio network that supplies news and entertainment to our armed forces.

Why should we Democrats bother with him? Let him continue to speak and be heard, so that everyone will know just what kind of a nut he is. By attacking him, we Democrats are going to make him a martyr. Do we really want to do that - give the ultraconservatives a martyr? It would be far better to let him continue without our comments so that they would have an embarrassment. For us, an embarrassment to our opponents is better than a martyr.

Why are we so dense that we can't simply keep our mouths shut and our pencils and pens put away? The man made a fool of himself, but we have rescued him by our barrage of criticism.

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