Tuesday, July 24, 2007


How Much Longer for Gonzales?

This morning I listened to news and comments on NPR. One segment dealt with the hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The witness is the Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. There were clips of Senators Spector, Kohl, and Feinstein asking a question and getting an evasive answer, followed by a comment that perhaps Mr. Gonzales ought to resign. A reporter (in the news clip, not in the hearing) wondered how much longer Mr. Gonzales would remain as Attorney General. The argument in favor of his departure is that he is not doing a good job of running the Justice Department. He has allowed the Department to become politicized and won't admit it. Morale is low in the Department. Some career lawyers have left. Etc., etc., etc.

In case anyone is still wondering how or why Mr. Gonzales clings to his job, a reporter answered that question. Mr. Gonzales has only one constituent - the President. The President has indicated his confidence in Mr. Gonzales. Clearly, Mr. Gonzales is running the Justice Department the way the President wants him to. What's more important, Mr. Gonzales isn't talking. The day he talks is the day he leaves.

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