Monday, September 04, 2006


The Neocon Vision - of America and the World

Neocons, in contrast with traditional conservatives and liberals, enjoy the certain knowledge that they are right. I mean not merely right-wing but right in the sense of “correct.” They know that their vision of the world is true and unique. Anyone who does not share that view is wrong and should be ignored if possible, or put down if necessary.

This attitude prevails in the policies of the Bush Administration. In domestic matters, the Bush Republicans or neocons have made a point of not negotiating with their political opponents, the Democrats. Members of the Republican majority who question the neocon vision are cowed into silence and submission. Dennis Hastert runs the House of Representatives on the principle that the only measures that can be discussed and voted on are those that are favored by a majority of Republicans. As near as I can figure, the Republicans have 232 members, the Democrats 209, and the Independents 1. Thus, a measure supported by as few as 117 Republicans can be presented to the House for debate and a vote. Also, a measure opposed by these 117 Republicans, even though supported by all the rest of the members and have a majority of 318 to 117 would never be brought to the floor for a vote.

That’s minority rule, of course. But, that’s all right, because the minority has the neocon vision of things and those 117 Republicans are correct in their thinking and everyone else is simply wrong. There will be no negotiation of the issue even within the Republican caucus, and certainly no negotiation with any Democrat.

What did George W. Bush say in 2000 when he was running for office? Among other things, he told everyone that, as Governor of Texas, he was able to get things done because he “reached out” to Democrats and obtained their support for legislation. I don’t recall that he has done much “reaching out” to Democrats after Inauguration Day, 2001.

In foreign affairs, the neocon vision prevails. Negotiation with other countries is unnecessary. Since the United States is the one remaining superpower and since it has the best military establishment in the world, the rest of the world can be made to listen to the US and do whatever the US wants it to do. We’ve seen recently how well that policy is working in Iraq, with Hezbollah, with Hamas, with Iran, with North Korea, etc. You’d think by now that the neocons would recognize that simply having military power does not bring about desired results in Iraq and that maybe there is a need to reexamine their vision. But, no; no such lesson has been learned. We now learn that some members of the Administration are considering a military attack on Iran as a means of stopping the Iranian nuclear enrichment program.

These neocons have to be stopped. They’re ruining the country.
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